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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A lifetime of awareness

This week on facebook you have either noticed and/or changed your picture to a cartoon figure(s) that you grew up watching and loved.

This is to spread awareness for child abuse. At first I thought people wouldn't think of this as an awareness but as a way to jump on any band wagon.

Last night I was looking at all the cartoons from before my time to now. The only thing I was thinking? Innocence.

When children are abused that is what's taken. Every time a child is beaten, belittled, or even scarred in any way we take away their youth and add fear.

This makes me angry, because giving life to a human being is a privilege. These are minds we mold into adults. Every child has the right to to be brought up by mature adults who embrace their innocence and helps them grow into the people we want them to become.

By that I don't mean what we want, but the hopes and dreams they clutch to as children.

Remember to embrace innocence and not just until December 6th, but always!

Toys R Us nailed it when they coined the phrase "I never want to grow up"