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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Mission Time!

Now that Chick 2 is in the 4th grade the school projects are getting more in depth. This year marks the year of building a mission. If you are in California you know this unit in California history all too well.

When I was in 4th grade our teacher had different ideas on the big California History project. I sometimes wished we got to build a mission, especially when you saw all the kids bringing them in to the other classes. I may not have gotten to do it then, but this year I can live vicariously through my child and experience it with her. By experience I mean she does the work and I watch over. (I could go on about that pet peeve, but that needs to be a post in of itself.)

I have been researching the many ways to build them, because I refuse to buy the kits of already made missions. I want my daughter to use her artistic/creative side I love so much. Yeah the pre-cuts would be already done and easy, but what fun is that?

So for the next month we will be on Mission of San Diego De Alcala overdrive. Going to capture the progress as well for a later post.

To those parents who are getting ready for this good luck and I wish you no head butting with your little one!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheat Sheet Monday!

In order to loose this extra padding my oh so wonderful chick 3 has blessed me with I am doing all I can to eat healthy and exercise. I have found old habits die hard and the only way to get through is to cut corners. By following the Weight Watchers plan and researching healthy alternatives I am able to get through this without feeling restricted.

Mondays I will post my cheats or healthy alternatives to those foods I can't live without. I will also add those foods I found that are great tasting but low in calories and fat.

Today's cheat is something I found out about at a WW (Weight Watcher's) meeting.

When I have a hankering for a burger we do turkey burgers. The problem with this is the bun. I love a good hamburger bun, but lets face it non whole grain bread is killer. You have to take to account each slice and not just the bun itself. I am so happy to have found an alternative.

This alternative is OroWeat Sandwich Thins. They are 100 calories, have 1 gram of fat, and 5 grams of dietary fiber. Best of all this is for 1 WHOLE BUN. In WW land this equals 1 point.

I truly was hesitant about this because I am a girl that LOVES carbs and that sesame seed bun just makes my mouth water. I now prefer this over actual bread and will eat them with sandwiches as well.

Tune in next week for another Cheat Sheet Monday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

When times get tough...

Writing is an outlet that I love, but I guess sometimes I have to deal with things in my own way. Not blogging lately has given me that time to readjust to the new aspects in my life.

In this time we have moved and are living with Rooster's parents. The chicks have adjusted extremely well. We have taken a hit in some ways financially so this will help us get back on track and make the decision of what to do next as it comes.

In this time I have learned to be more of a leader and a wife who fights. I admit I was dependent on Rooster to be the caretaker. I am not a feminist and love the man being in charge and doing my fighting for me. During the last month I have had to become that caretaker I wanted my husband to always be. I do have to say that it was nice to be one that people looked to, the one to tell everyone that we will come out on top. During this time I feel more of a grown up. Sounds funny since I have been a "grown up" for 12 years now. SHHH don't try and figure out numbers.

Now that I have had my blogging vacation I am ready to come back. I have many different ideas in mind and feel this is the outlet I need when times feel tough.

When times get tough you must push through, because if you give up you will miss out at the triumph climb back to the top!