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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheaters never prosper!

I had been racking my brain for a topic for my blog today and kept coming short on what to write.

Then Rooster says, "Did you hear about Sandra Bullock?"

I reply with. "I heard something about cheating"

Rooster, "Jesse James cheated"

"That has to be a rumor"

Rooster, "People magazine confirmed." He knew this would get me, because People magazine gets the facts. (or so I believe)

Then I browse Twitter and see that E! has an article about his apology.

All I can think is "SAY IT ISN'T SO JESSE!!!!

But it is so. He admitted it. He is a cheat. Another Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston nightmare.

It is stories like these where Hollywood gets a bad name. Even when you think a Hollywood couple is strong and will surpass those weak yuppies that think marriage and divorce is another sport, you are blind sided once again.

I know there is always more to the story, but if your unhappy enough to cheat then leave.

At least this way you cut ties before anyone needs to get hurt more than they need to.

It frustrates me when I hear that people cheat whether it is emotionally or physically. Communicate, seek counseling, pray, but please don't look elsewhere.

I am happy he is able to apologize, but in the words of Rachel Green, "Once a cheater always a cheater." (ironic isn't it?)

This goes both ways ladies.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

C25K Week 1 Days 1 & 2

I know what your thinking C25what? No it has nothing to do with Star Wars (that would be C-3PO).

C25k means Couch to 5K. It is a running program to get us lazy couch potatoes to running a 5k. Don't be crazy it isn't meant to get there overnight. It is designed to build you up slowly over a 9 week period. Best yet it only takes 30 minutes. We all have 30 minutes right?

This program can be purchased on itunes and put on your ipod or IPhone.

I got this app for my IPhone months ago and never touched it. I kept telling myself, "Oh I will do it next week" or "Tomorrow will be the day".

After starting getting back on track with my eating healthy habits, I decided I needed an exercise plan as well. I LOVE the gym, but with Chick 3 sometimes I just can't make it. I am also not one to exercise inside (Chick 3 is an awesome distraction) So, for Christmas Santa, I mean my wonderful Inlaws got me a jogging stroller.

This week I got motivated by a friend, who has 4 kids (2 being twins) who went for a C25K run. I thought if she can find the time than why can't I?

Tuesday I went for my first run and have decided to blog my progress.

C25K Week 1 Day 1:

Of all days to pick to start. my smart ass picks a 80 degree weather day.

I pull out the stroller (this almost deterred me since it isn't light), get Chick 3 situated, and off I go.

The first few intervals I feel great. Then halfway the heat hits. Did I mention I didn't bring water? Yeah smart huh.

Towards the end I am ready to crawl on the ground while trying to use my raspy voice to yell "water water". Emma wants down, so that gives me the "Just walk, who will know?". I pushed through it, because I did not want the habit of giving up when things get tough. Came home drenched head to toe. I bet I smelled real nice as well.

I was determined to go the next day because I knew it had to get easier.

C25K Week 1 Day 2:

This was done today. My legs were a bit tight when I woke up but I forced myself to go.

Today I waited for Chick 3 to nap, so I could get a better route going. (Rooster was home so you can put down the phone)

I figured that on another 80 degree day I could beat the peak heat and would be safe.

Do you know that more people are out at about 10:30 am than about 1 pm? I bet they loved watching my 90 second walk/60 second run. Actually they wished they had the motivation to do it just like me.

I got through the first half a bit easier, by the end I wanted to quit. Again I pushed through.

Oh yeah Wednesday is trash day. Not a go smell the roses while you run kind of day. *PU*

It has to get easier right?


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you wearing Green?

Better watch out because you could get pinched!

If you live under a rock than you better know that today is Saint Patrick's Day.

Sadly all I really know about it is:

1. It originated in Ireland (not sure why or how it came to be)

2. If you don't wear green you may get pinched (always used my eye color)

3. That you eat corned beef and cabbage.

4. Pubs will have green beer (something I have always wanted to try)

5. There are leprechauns involved somewhere with a blarney stone and gold ( I am way off aren't I)

I had always wanted to wear one of those "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts, but figured I better not, because I wasn't Irish. Or so I thought...

In college I had to do a family history project. As I was researching my family history I found out that my great-grandma Constance was in fact a full blown Irish lady! (Thank you for the green eyes grandma!)

Ever since then this day means a bit more, since it kind of is part of my culture. Well I want to believe that.

So tonight I want to try to make my first ever corned beef recipe. (Thank you Weight Watchers for having healthier versions so I can stay within my points)

This year I think I will read more about this "holiday". I mean it is my heritage right?

I also think I should go get my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt and wear it proudly, because I can.

I better put "But only if your Rooster" so the many men who would be lining up don't get any ideas.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Journey in the 30's: Part 1 of many

Turning 30 for me was almost a mid life crisis ready to happen. (I know I know it is only 30, but whatever it was hard for me).

It has been 2 months since I entered this new rite of passage and I think I am settling in just fine. I have embraced it with a new outlook and am going to work on me this decade. Wait let me rephrase... I am going to work on the inner me.

I am trying to not let this number of 30 take over me. It is like nails on a chalkboard, but I am going to rise above. It will try to knock me down, but I will brush myself off and get right back up. This will be my "Journey in the 30's".

This is "Part 1" of many posts that will talk about this journey I have since embarked on.

Part 1 should be titled, "When your child throws you under the bus".

At dinner we asked Chick 2 how her day at school was. This is the conversation that ensued:

Chick 2: Today at school we had a sub for music and he was singing all weird (gives us an impression which sounds like a old man signing very low)

Me: Well sometimes it's the age of the person and they type of music they listened to as a kid and now. Was he old?

Chick 2: Yeah like in his 20's to 30's.

Me: (Cringing) Thanks kid, thanks.

After I just brushed myself off.

You thought you were going to get me 30, but I prevailed.

Until next time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheat Sheet Mondays

Today's installment is not a food, but more of a tip or trick I learned.

Eating out is SO hard for me. I am determined to do my best and not indulge in the foods that are my comfort. No I am not depriving myself just taking the healthier route, but with the same taste.

I know I should live a little right? I would but it is so easy to gain back that 5 pounds and a lot harder to get them back off.

Here are a couple things I have implemented that was told to me. Well 2 words.


Am I always successful? Of course not!

Usually you know where you are eating before hand and that can be used to your advantage.

Many restaurants have nutritional facts online and some let you virtually build your meal.

If I can I will figure out what I am eating before I go. This way I don't have to look at the menu.

I know I sound crazy, but that darn menu always draws me in.

Remember that veggies are not always low in calories. Some restaurants saute them in butter before they use them.

If you can't do it online ask them for the nutritional facts. Usually it is a separate menu.

If they don't have any then stay safe with the food you know and make sure to say no butter when they cook.

Oh and next time your out look at the calories in a salad. It will surprise you! Really it will!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make Ahead Meals First Giveaway

If you know me you know I love love love baking! If you want to bring anything to a party just ask me to bring a dessert and I will.

Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms is having her first giveaway. She is giving away a book on how to be more creative with cupcakes... Now my 4th of July cupcakes can get a makeover!

She is also giving away 12 piece decorating kit and decorative boxes to put your finished cupcakes in. So head over to Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms and enter to win! The contest ends March 24th at 9 pm EST. There are many ways to gain entries as well!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small Talk 6: WWW BFFs

Click the picture above to join in and learn about Small Talk Six at MomDot.

Today’s topic is “6 reasons why your online friends are better than your real life ones.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

This will be a easy one, because many of my relationships are formed online. I do have those few friends that I cherish that I get to see offline, but I do have those few relationships that are only online that I could not live without.

*In no way are my online friends better than my real life ones. Honestly I cherish them the same as my real life ones.

1. We met with things already in common whether being blogging or motherhood. There were really no awkward moments.

2. I can trust them just as much as my real life friends, and they know they can trust me.

3. They are mainly mothers, so I know if I have poop problems I know I can go to them and won't gross them out.

4. No matter the problem I know they have my back and vice versa!

5. We can sit all day IMing on and off and always have something to talk about.

6. American Idol nights need I say more? (You know who you are)

A Volatile Relationship

Lately I have had one bumpy, volatile relationship in my life.

It happened once I had kids.

Treats me horribly one day and then it's nothing but sunshine and roses the next!

This relationship is one I have with sleep.

We got along really well when I was a teenager and young adult, but something changed once my chicks were born.

Sleep abuses me physically and emotionally on a daily basis.

Sometimes it let's me get 2 hours of quiet time while Chick 3 naps, and others it gives me a taste of freedom for 30 minutes.

Sometimes it gives me a solid 8 hours of sleep and others it is broken with a few hours here and there.

I have laughed and I have cried because of it. I have embraced it and I have kicked it to the curb.

I wish we could patch things up and have a relationship that only has good times. Of course no relationship is that way.

For those who have the same type of relationship with sleep maybe it's time to start a support group.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Putting out an APB

The APB is for this Chick. She has been missing for the last 3 days... well not her but her spunky personality.

I want to find that smile, laugh, and comedic acting child.

I want to find the child that thinks farting is funny (yes not something to condone, but I will take it).

I want to find the child that will grab your hand to take you the bathroom if the door is open (she is our door police).

I want to find the child who will be on top of a table in seconds flat.

This is Chick 3 today. She has been this way for 3 days. Her usual personality is somewhere in there, but the virus she has is taking over. Hopefully with all the Motrin and Tylenol we are giving her to keep the fever down will help get rid of that virus and bring back my missing Chick!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I HATE germs!

Yes I know there are good germs.

I think I heard somewhere that there are, but the ones I am talking about are the ones that keep my Chicks from being the sassy, energetic Chicks they are.

It makes me use a word I dislike using... HATE!

I think the only reason I am having this rant is because I am sleep deprived.

I am not talking oops I went to bed late and am paying for it today.

I am talking having your baby wake up crying because they can't breath. Then you wake up and have to hold them while they are asleep so they can.

I am talking being woken up again because they are hacking up what sounds to be a lung.

So germs I HATE you!

I hate the fact that my piggy of a Chick wants nothing to do with food.

I hate the fact that my little Chick wants to only lay on the couch and watch TV.

I hate that I can't take advantage of the lovely weather outside and have to keep my slightly fevered child cooped up indoors.

I really do loathe you so please do whats best and LEAVE!

Ok rant over.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eating Healthy = no dessert? Think Again!

Every time I thought about "dieting", or what I now call eating healthy I'd say good-bye to all the yummy snacks and desserts I would eat. I would deprive myself of all the unhealthy sugars like candy bars, cakes, ice cream etc. After all this deprivation I would loose weight and then go on a binge that would help me gain all those pounds back.

Now that I am back on track I have actually done my research, because honestly I love to end my day with dessert. Instead of buying packaged items like cookies and cakes I have learned that making your own and tweaking the recipes a bit can let you eat that dessert, as well as buying lower calorie items. You can eat this without the guilt. Isn't the guilt that helps loose that motivation?

The other night Chick 2 was going through the "Biggest Loser Family" cookbook and found a dessert she wanted to make us. It was a peanut butter fudge sundae. The total calories for this sundae are 196. If you calculate Weight Watchers points it came out to be a 3 point dessert.

The sundae in all its glory!

My little Chef

The whole house thought it was one of the best desserts ever! I do have to say that seeing my Chick getting involved with our new ways made this momma proud!

Just remember that eating healthy doesn't mean no treats and better yet no more of feeling guilty for when you do!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheat Sheet Mondays

Mondays I will post my cheats or healthy alternatives to those foods I can't live without. I will also add those foods I found that are great tasting but low in calories and fat. Some Monday's I may add healthy recipes.

Today's trick is for the sweet tooth in all of us. I love ending my day with a treat, but we all know those treats can be very high in calories and fat. Fret not because there are tricks out there, so you can get that treat without the guilt. Better yet they taste just as good as well!

One of my tricks is...I know what you are thinking, "Fat free ice cream always tastes fat free." This one I can honestly say does not! It is oh so yummy in all it's chocolate glory!

This yummy dessert is only 90 calories, fat free (of course) and has 4 grams of dietary fiber and you get half a cup. You can also had 2 tbsp of whipped topping and have a little yummy sundae!

Eating healthy doesn't mean to deprive yourself of the goodies. The trick is to indulge, but with the healthier alternatives! Hope this helps!