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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you wearing Green?

Better watch out because you could get pinched!

If you live under a rock than you better know that today is Saint Patrick's Day.

Sadly all I really know about it is:

1. It originated in Ireland (not sure why or how it came to be)

2. If you don't wear green you may get pinched (always used my eye color)

3. That you eat corned beef and cabbage.

4. Pubs will have green beer (something I have always wanted to try)

5. There are leprechauns involved somewhere with a blarney stone and gold ( I am way off aren't I)

I had always wanted to wear one of those "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirts, but figured I better not, because I wasn't Irish. Or so I thought...

In college I had to do a family history project. As I was researching my family history I found out that my great-grandma Constance was in fact a full blown Irish lady! (Thank you for the green eyes grandma!)

Ever since then this day means a bit more, since it kind of is part of my culture. Well I want to believe that.

So tonight I want to try to make my first ever corned beef recipe. (Thank you Weight Watchers for having healthier versions so I can stay within my points)

This year I think I will read more about this "holiday". I mean it is my heritage right?

I also think I should go get my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt and wear it proudly, because I can.

I better put "But only if your Rooster" so the many men who would be lining up don't get any ideas.

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