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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eating Healthy = no dessert? Think Again!

Every time I thought about "dieting", or what I now call eating healthy I'd say good-bye to all the yummy snacks and desserts I would eat. I would deprive myself of all the unhealthy sugars like candy bars, cakes, ice cream etc. After all this deprivation I would loose weight and then go on a binge that would help me gain all those pounds back.

Now that I am back on track I have actually done my research, because honestly I love to end my day with dessert. Instead of buying packaged items like cookies and cakes I have learned that making your own and tweaking the recipes a bit can let you eat that dessert, as well as buying lower calorie items. You can eat this without the guilt. Isn't the guilt that helps loose that motivation?

The other night Chick 2 was going through the "Biggest Loser Family" cookbook and found a dessert she wanted to make us. It was a peanut butter fudge sundae. The total calories for this sundae are 196. If you calculate Weight Watchers points it came out to be a 3 point dessert.

The sundae in all its glory!

My little Chef

The whole house thought it was one of the best desserts ever! I do have to say that seeing my Chick getting involved with our new ways made this momma proud!

Just remember that eating healthy doesn't mean no treats and better yet no more of feeling guilty for when you do!

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