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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheaters never prosper!

I had been racking my brain for a topic for my blog today and kept coming short on what to write.

Then Rooster says, "Did you hear about Sandra Bullock?"

I reply with. "I heard something about cheating"

Rooster, "Jesse James cheated"

"That has to be a rumor"

Rooster, "People magazine confirmed." He knew this would get me, because People magazine gets the facts. (or so I believe)

Then I browse Twitter and see that E! has an article about his apology.

All I can think is "SAY IT ISN'T SO JESSE!!!!

But it is so. He admitted it. He is a cheat. Another Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston nightmare.

It is stories like these where Hollywood gets a bad name. Even when you think a Hollywood couple is strong and will surpass those weak yuppies that think marriage and divorce is another sport, you are blind sided once again.

I know there is always more to the story, but if your unhappy enough to cheat then leave.

At least this way you cut ties before anyone needs to get hurt more than they need to.

It frustrates me when I hear that people cheat whether it is emotionally or physically. Communicate, seek counseling, pray, but please don't look elsewhere.

I am happy he is able to apologize, but in the words of Rachel Green, "Once a cheater always a cheater." (ironic isn't it?)

This goes both ways ladies.


Melissa said...

Awwww. I didn't hear about this either. Am a bit devastated now. They looked so cute and happy together at the Oscars.

Meghan Cooper said...

This makes me so sad because I watched her interview with Barbra Walters and he was "the one" to her! What a douche bag!

Women Awakened said...

The coolidge effect is very strong in some men. That's why honesty is so important in relationships. To me, if a man tells me straight away that he dates multiple women, I wouldn't consider him a cheater for example.
I actually wrote a post on my site about this if you're interested.
It's called " Honesty is never cheating"

Men Are Dumb. I Are One. said...

I hate to fall into the Men are Always dogscamp, but it just keeps happening. I would say its just the rich and powerful, but its not. I'm a married guy to a fantastic wife, and I love her too much and am too dang paranoid to mess around. I joke with my female friends that go on Girl's Weekend to Vegas, and I say "Digital is Forever, ladies," but maybe its not a joke. Phone records, digital photos, stories that will get out, etc. There is too much at risk in a great marriage to mess around on it. Not to mention STD's, etc. Call me boring, but I'll stick with my wife, thanks. Yes, my eyes work (Being honest), but I waited too long to find her (after a rough 1st marriage), and I won't throw that away on a fling. No way.

Women Awakened said...

Guess what, "men are dumb"? women cheat too! Especially, when the man sitting and waiting for her by the door has no self-respect.

Also, "men are dumb", what makes you have so little dignity for your own masculinity that you have to give yourself such a lowly name?

Rather than being proud of who you are, you are instead massaging the egos of frustrated women who try to glorify their self-importance, because they have been mistreated by "men" in the past, or through history.