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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Volatile Relationship

Lately I have had one bumpy, volatile relationship in my life.

It happened once I had kids.

Treats me horribly one day and then it's nothing but sunshine and roses the next!

This relationship is one I have with sleep.

We got along really well when I was a teenager and young adult, but something changed once my chicks were born.

Sleep abuses me physically and emotionally on a daily basis.

Sometimes it let's me get 2 hours of quiet time while Chick 3 naps, and others it gives me a taste of freedom for 30 minutes.

Sometimes it gives me a solid 8 hours of sleep and others it is broken with a few hours here and there.

I have laughed and I have cried because of it. I have embraced it and I have kicked it to the curb.

I wish we could patch things up and have a relationship that only has good times. Of course no relationship is that way.

For those who have the same type of relationship with sleep maybe it's time to start a support group.

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