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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Mission Time!

Now that Chick 2 is in the 4th grade the school projects are getting more in depth. This year marks the year of building a mission. If you are in California you know this unit in California history all too well.

When I was in 4th grade our teacher had different ideas on the big California History project. I sometimes wished we got to build a mission, especially when you saw all the kids bringing them in to the other classes. I may not have gotten to do it then, but this year I can live vicariously through my child and experience it with her. By experience I mean she does the work and I watch over. (I could go on about that pet peeve, but that needs to be a post in of itself.)

I have been researching the many ways to build them, because I refuse to buy the kits of already made missions. I want my daughter to use her artistic/creative side I love so much. Yeah the pre-cuts would be already done and easy, but what fun is that?

So for the next month we will be on Mission of San Diego De Alcala overdrive. Going to capture the progress as well for a later post.

To those parents who are getting ready for this good luck and I wish you no head butting with your little one!


Erin said...

I built Mission San Jose out of sugar cubes in fourth grade. It took a lot of sugar cubes and I think if I remember right it rained the day I took it to school so it was dissolving a little bit by the time I got there. FUn times.

Haddock said...

Yeah, nothing like starting from scratch.