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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheat Sheet Monday!

In order to loose this extra padding my oh so wonderful chick 3 has blessed me with I am doing all I can to eat healthy and exercise. I have found old habits die hard and the only way to get through is to cut corners. By following the Weight Watchers plan and researching healthy alternatives I am able to get through this without feeling restricted.

Mondays I will post my cheats or healthy alternatives to those foods I can't live without. I will also add those foods I found that are great tasting but low in calories and fat.

Today's cheat is something I found out about at a WW (Weight Watcher's) meeting.

When I have a hankering for a burger we do turkey burgers. The problem with this is the bun. I love a good hamburger bun, but lets face it non whole grain bread is killer. You have to take to account each slice and not just the bun itself. I am so happy to have found an alternative.

This alternative is OroWeat Sandwich Thins. They are 100 calories, have 1 gram of fat, and 5 grams of dietary fiber. Best of all this is for 1 WHOLE BUN. In WW land this equals 1 point.

I truly was hesitant about this because I am a girl that LOVES carbs and that sesame seed bun just makes my mouth water. I now prefer this over actual bread and will eat them with sandwiches as well.

Tune in next week for another Cheat Sheet Monday!

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Kathy said...


I think I will try some of those buns.