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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never thought this was hard...

Usually when I am asked to describe my daughters, I can write a novel. However today Chick 2 came home with a letter from her 4th grade teacher that asked the parents to describe their child. When I first read this I thought to myself "wow this will be a piece of cake!"
I waited till the chicks were in bed so this assignment could get my undivided attention. I open up Microsoft word get my hands ready to type and I freeze. All I could do is look at the blank screen with the blinking cursor. All these thoughts are in my head, but again I am having a hard time getting it on paper. For me it isn't the writing that is hard but the beginning that I can't seem to get right. After an hour of thinking and thinking I decide to first start it as I was writing to her. That was the magic touch and was able to type away.
Here is what I wrote... (what I sent the teachers)

Chick 2 is as unique as they come. She is a dreamer and not a small one at that. She always tells us that she wants to be a marine biologist, a rock star, a fashion designer, and an Olympic soccer player. They may be bigger than life dreams, but she is a believer and believes that she will do it all.

Chick 2 is also a thinker and it is amazing to see those wheels turn. She doesn’t take answers for face value at time and will analyze them… even the simplest ones. This we believe is why she excels in math and science.

All in all Chick 2 has a big heart and one of the sweetest girls anyone will meet. She always wants the best for everyone. She would have everyone be winners all the time if it were possible. She doesn’t like negativity and can be sensitive at times.

We were only given so much room to write and I know I could have gone on forever.

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