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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Caretaker Chick

This will be my new name for awhile.

Rooster will be heading in Tuesday for some knee surgery. The athlete that he is has helped him injure his meniscus and ACL.

First injury was during a coed softball game. His foot was planted in some mud... his leg turned one way and well his knee couldn't quite keep up.

My favorite injury... well I don't want Rooster to EVER be injured, but this one brings many jokes to the table. In our chicken coop you need all the ammunition you can get.

This injury was a trip to the park with Chick 2. They were playing tag and well Rooster got up on some of the play rock and decided that the superhero in him would jump down and surprise the Chick. Well his knee not being made of steel was injured yet again.
(I wasn't there for this one, but oh I wish I were)

On Tuesday the doctor will go in and help put Rooster back together so he can be the athletic man he has always been.

His first plan will be coach Chick 2 in the upcoming soccer season. We are all excited for this!!


Tena said...

{{{ HUGS }}}
hoping he has a fast recovery

Anonymous said...

Great blog and just started following from MBC