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Monday, October 11, 2010

When the kid you becomes the adult you...


Child Version:

You go out to eat. You get your kids menu and crayons. You color and try and get into the adult talk. It's boring, so you get back to coloring. You get your food first. You are so hungry you shovel your food in your mouth. In five minutes you're done. You look up and see the adults have eaten only a bite of their food. They are spending more time talking than eating. You tell your parents, "I'm done. I want to go home. Can we go now? I'm done and bored. Please, can we go now?" Parents tell you to stop whining and that we will go when we are ready to go.

Adult Version:

You go out to eat. You make sure your kids have a menu and crayons to keep them busy, because you forgot to bring toys. They color, they are content and quiet, and you can finally engage yourself in adult talk. You enjoy the light-hearted conversation. You see your child get restless and are thankful the waiter brings out your child's food. Your food comes and resume talk as well. After five minutes of eating your child starts tugging your arm. They keep complaining they are bored and want to leave over and over. You now wish your babysitter had come through.

I have been the main star of both versions. When I was younger I always wondered why adults could just sit and talk for hours and not be bored. I thought, "Don't you just eat and leave restaurants?"

As an adult I do everything to keep the chicks entertained, so I can talk that little bit more. Adult interaction comes at a minimum when you become a parent. Of course my kids have become that ever dreaded child version and I have somehow become the adult version that wishes the chicks would be those who were okay with being seen and not heard at restaurants.


Kathleen said...

That is too funny. My youngest is usually the first one done, but two of mine eat slower than I do and we are often waiting on them in order to leave the restaurant!

I wanted to stop by and let you know there is an award for you on my blog.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The worst time is after the order is placed and you are waiting for the food to come. My two year old has to be entertained or he will entertain everyone sitting around us.