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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Searching Want Ads...

I am back at the daunting task of finding a job.

I don't mind working, however when going to school I chose the career that is being put through the ringer in California.

That's right I went to school in order to become a teacher. Well I got the bachelors, but never did finish my credential. As soon as I obtained my degree I did become a substitute teacher.

What I loved about subbing is that I didn't have all the stress actual teachers had. I got to teach, but I didn't have to correct papers, or worry about what parents thought of me. I did my teaching and at the end of the day I went home able to keep work at work.

Now there are many teachers being displaced, or let go. That means that as a sub there are less jobs available.

I am now looking for jobs not in the education field. Do I mind? Not really.

However, I only have experience in the education field. Since I was 18 I have worked in the classroom setting. This leaves me with little to no experience in anything else.

Because of this I have decided to look for jobs in the clerical/receptionist field. I am not doing this because I feel the job is "easy", but for the reason that I feel I can do this type of work.

I have taken computer classes, I have self taught myself, and I am a quick learner. I am hoping that when people meet me they see the same.

Job searching can be scary, and I hope I haven't lost my touch when it comes to interviewing.

I do have my first interview tomorrow and the guy I talked to felt he needed to remind me to dress in appropriate attire for interviews.

Umm isn't this common sense.

I guess he has had potential employees come in attire not acceptable. He told me their response was, "No one told me what to wear."

Yeah and that is that why you didn't get hired.

I think all high school students should have to take a course in the basics of life. Isn't this a basic we should all know?

I wonder how many people get texting lingo on resumes. How about a LOL here and a OMG there.

I just hope that employers look at the big picture of what a teacher is capable of. We are great multi-taskers. We can put out "fires" without breaking a sweat. We can help one child while another is calling your name. We have the ability to see things before they happen.

When it comes to working I give it my all every time. Hoping people take the time to see this.

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Meghan Cooper said...

You can come have mine! I want out of here