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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does this mean I am getting old?

I never did have those party years after high school, or well even in high school. I had my oldest at 20, so being responsible was my only choice. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

When Chick 2 was about 6 I started going out with my girlfriend to bars (pretty much my first bar was at 26). No I didn't go to meet men (I don't think Rooster would be too happy), but more to socialize and be around adults. I wasn't out every night, but it was more often than I had in the past. Chick 2 was 6 and 7 at this time, so I was able to rest and nap throughout the day.

About a year or so later I got pregnant with Chick 3 and those days were behind me again. Again in no way do I regret it.

Now Chick 3 is 15 months and there are times I am invited to go out yet again. All that goes through my head these days is... "If I am home by midnight I wonder how much sleep I would get." or "If I only have 2 drinks and no more I won't have to spend the whole day recuperating." Those few hours away seem to do more damage to the little energy I do have the next day.

Does that age me? I am young, but when you spend days chasing after a monkey that feels climbing is better than toys, or exhausting the little energy you do have arguing with a 9 year old about homework and computer time going out does not sound appealing.

My ideal night now is tucking the chicks into bed early (if that could ever happen), grabbing a bottle of wine and the remote, and just watching all the shows I never have time to watch until the Sandman takes over.

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