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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and a Hottie!

Once one becomes married and has children holidays are all about fitting in all the festivities into that holiday weekend.

At least that is how it is over hear. In 3 days we did 3 different houses each filled with all the trimmings a scrumptious Thanksgiving should have. Two pounds added to this body later, I am stuffed beyond belief and want to live in elastic pants for a week while I do all I can to shed the extra padding.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving; after spending time with family of course is the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, California. After a couple years of ups and downs in the parade this year they really put on a great party of a parade. This is a parade of many "B" list celebrities, but in my eyes one "A" Lister came out. He is non other than Gilles Marini. Just look at his picture. *drools* He is now on one of my must-see TV Brothers and Sisters and DWTS. Or, you may have seen him in Sex and the City. Don't remember seeing him? Think Samantha's noisy neighbor. Yep you've guessed he is the naked guy who Samantha catches doing all kinds of naughty things. *blushes*. What a great way to end a holiday weekend.


Ashley said...

Did you see him on Dancing with the Stars from last spring? He was great!

butterfly11780 said...

I don't get a chance to watch DWTS, but watched him on the others he has been on.

Crystal~*~Cinnamon Hollow said...

DWTS is the only thing I've ever seen him on but have had a major crush ever since... because you know... I'm only 12 (not really, just sayin') lol. Hubby knows about my Gilles crush and doesn't interfere with it. There's no use hahaha (following from Blog Followers Group)