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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The One With an Obsession

On my old blog I tended to write posts about my all time favorite show. Can you guess what it is by the title? (For you non fans it is Friends.) I am not one of your small time fans, I am a complete and utter fanatic.

Let's count the ways.

I have all 10 seasons.

I watch every night (not ALL the episodes, come on now I do have some of a life).

I can relate everything in my life to an episode.

No one wants to play the Scene-It Friends edition, because well would you if you lost every time?

I use quotes often, "Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay." "I never go commando in another mans fatigues" "No paper no tushy" "No uterus, no opinion"

Matthew Perry is on my list... yes that kind of list.

I fell in love with a name on the show and used it in real life.

With a brain like mine that never stops I use my obsession for good. Really I do. This obsession helps me clear my head. This means I can sleep. The anxiety goes away and the never ending thinking stops. Using TV land to escape from reality is my happy drug.

Stay tuned, this show may be used in future posts.

1 comment:

Southern Sass said...

I love Friends also...well not on your level! LOL. I watched when they were on and now I watch reruns. It cracks me up every single time! My hubby was not on the Friends bus in the 90's so he is totally getting a kick out of it now.

Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Effin hilarious!