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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Back

This is the time of year where consumerism is on the rise. We all want to give the perfect gift to everyone we know. I know I am guilty.

However I also know that these are not the best times for all. Those without jobs are on the rise as well as those without a home. The weather is changing from nice and sunny to very cold. I live in Southern California so I can only imagine how cold it gets elsewhere.

Instead of only thinking about my friends and family I plan on giving back. We have done toys for tots, but I want new ideas.

A friend is making fleece blankets for the homeless. I think I may take this idea as well. Chick 2 would love to help me.

Chick 2's school sent home a list of things to collect so they can send it to troops overseas. This is something we also will do.

What are things you do during the holiday season? Please share, because I would love new ideas!


Tena said...

We continue to send care packages to Jim's friends that are still serving the country. I am also looking into taking D to a homeless shettler to help serve a meal. He is old enough to really grasp this.

lovemylevi said...

I am so excited about my new idea this year for the Holidays! I will be writing a post about it soon. Instead of shopping around for the perfect gift for my family and friends I plan on donating money (nothing major) to charities that relate to what they love. My sister in law loves penguins so I am adopting a penguin for her through mothers bf owns a greenhouse so I am donating to garden africa, my father in law is a big time hunter so his donation goes to hunt of a lifetime that helps terminally ill kids hunting dreams come get the idea. I am going to print a description of the charity and put it in a card for each of them! It's so fun to still "shop around" but I am helping others as well. :-)

Quirky Momma said...

Homeless shelters need help with food/babysitting and pregnancy crisis centers, nursing homes and community centers are always looking for vollunteers. It is so great that you are giving back this season!

Following via MBC - glad to have discovered you through them. I'll be back! I'm

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

If you are any good with knitting. Land's End has a great program, FeelGood, where you can knit scarves and hats from their free patterns to donate.
more info

I wish I could figure out how to knit, I would really love to join in.