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Friday, November 27, 2009

Kiddopotamus TinyDiner Place Mat: Review

Do you have a messy eater? Are you embarrassed when you leave a restaurant, because of the mess your little ones leave? If you said yes to these questions don't fret, because then you have a child just like Chick 3. This was us every time we went out to eat. She would mash food into the table, try and throw glass plates, and even leave food all in the high chair. It was never a pretty sight. It was a rush to get out so we could miss the nice stares that the bus boys would leave us, because we made their job a little harder.

While at Toys R' Us one day we came upon the best place mat money could by.

This is the Kiddopotamus TinyDiner place mat.

About the product:

Germ-Ridden Table Tops are NOT safe!
Table tops have germs that can make your baby sick. TinyDiner provides a barrier between your child's food and the germs.

Tucks Into Diaper Bag
TinyDiner rolls away into its built-in scoop, so it's ready when you need it! Simply fold into the sides, roll up and tuck into
the built-in scoop.

Stays Securely in Place
Strong suction cups keep the TinyDiner where you put it. Kids eat directly off the mat, so no worries about plates ending up on the floor.

Scoop Catches Spill
Spills land in the built-in scoop instead on child's lap or floor. Restaurant style highchairs fit under the scoop, so your child can sit right up to the table.

A Safe, Clean Eating Surface
Made in the USA with safe FDA-compliant materials- no lead, PVC, BPA, phthalates or latex. The TinyDiner is durable, washable, and stays flexible.


Restaurant trips are truly less messy now that this place mat has come into our life! I can cut up the food and place it on the tray without worrying about germs that come from the table. Chick 3 loves to pick up plates and now with the TinyDiner Place mat we can take plates out of the restaurant equation. There is less mess and it really does roll up and fit nicely into the diaper bag. This is a must have for anyone who has children still in highchairs!

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