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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Signs that change is coming

As a mom I tend to always see my chicks as my babies no matter if they are getting older. Today, however I was given some smelling salts and my eyes were opened to seeing my oldest chick as becoming a tween. She has started to enter some of the stages of puberty. Thank goodness they are only minor. You know deodorant and undershirts.

I am a little scared to enter this stage in her life, because the questions are coming... You know what questions. The ones that make us squirm and stutter, even to those most brave and eloquent speaking parents. For example, she asked yesterday whether or not she can get a shot so she doesn't have a baby. After the whole Jaime Lynn Spears fiasco she has been really worried about having babies at a young age. (so happy this is having the effect it should.) Rooster and I chuckled to ourselves and told her no there is no shot and having children is a choice.

Yes yes I could have explained fully, but selfish me loves that she still has some innocence left in her. I know I need to have the talk soon. I am content with her knowing what she needs to know right now. I know the day is looming in the not so distant future and I am ready for the questions to hit me. My baby is no longer a baby and is not an easy thing for moms to endure. I just hope I get through it as unscathed as possible!

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