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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C25K update!

I may have slacked with the blog, but proudly I have not slacked with my attempt at the C25K program.

If you aren't familiar with this program and love to run, but don't know where to begin this is the program for you! This is a 9 week program to get you from being a couch potato to running a 5k or 3.1 miles.

Week 1:

I did finish week one, but did an extra day so I put in a total of 4 days instead of the 3 they suggest. I felt I wasn't ready enough for week 2. I never thought that 60 seconds of running would be as hard as it was at first. I guess I was more out of shape than I thought.

Week 2:

For week 2 I decided to use the gym, so I could work in some weights as well. Some people like being outside while they run. I on the other hand need a spot to focus on so I don't think about what I am doing or how much time I may have left. The gym is that perfect place for just that.

There are some negatives with the gym though. The treadmills seem to always be the most popular machine. If you go at the right time of day there is no problem with this. At my gym they put a 30 minute max on the machines. I have to make sure to time it just right to fit the run in.

At the end of week 2 I really wanted to run more than the program said to. That is the overachiever in me, but I stuck to the actual intervals instead of making up my own.

Week 3:

I was very scared about week 3, since I would be running for 3 minutes straight. Three minutes may not sound like a lot, but for those who don't run often it is a long time. What I really liked though is that at every 60 second mark the program told you how much time was left.

By the end of the week I felt so energized, because I knew that I really could do it and that this program was doing it's job of slowly getting your stamina where it needed to be. I also notice definition in my legs that wasn't there before. If that isn't motivating enough I don't know what is!

I am now onto Week 4, which means 5 minutes of running! AHH! I know I will be able to push through like always!

So far this program does not disappoint and I cannot wait to sign up for some 5k's in the near future.


SoCal_Suz said...

Very cool! I recently joined the gym and I've been concentrating a lot on jogging. I recently accomplished a full mile! YAAY for us :)

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