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Friday, April 23, 2010

C25K Weeks 4 and 5

C25k means Couch to 5K. It is a running program to get us lazy couch potatoes to running a 5k. Don't be crazy it isn't meant to get there overnight. It is designed to build you up slowly over a 9 week period. Best yet it only takes 30 minutes. We all have 30 minutes right?

Last week I completed week 4. Well 2 of the days. I really did complete it... well let me explain.

Day 1: Today was the first day of running for 5 minutes. I was truly worried I would not be able to do it. I mean 5 minutes is a lot of running! At least they threw in 3 minutes of running in between. Accomplished this no problem.

Day 2: This was a repeat of day one. For some reason day 2 felt harder. Maybe it is that middle of the week slump we all feel.

Day 3: Ok, so today I was supposed to do day 3. Well silly me looked ahead to Week 5 Day 1 to see what I had in store for me next week. Smart me forgot to put it back to Week 4 day 3. Didn't figure it out till I was halfway done with my running. Whoops. Made it through and knew I at least could accomplise Week 5... um thought I knew what I had to look forward too, because well, I had no idea!

Week 5:

Day 1: I have tendencies of bouts with OCD and had to finish Week 4 today. Of course it was a piece of cake (mmm cake... nope let's not think about that).

Day 2: This day I ran 2, eight minute runs. I was very proud of myself and how easy it seemed to be. My high lasted a short while, because I knew what was coming up for Day 3. AHHH!

Day 3: TWENTY minutes!!! Yep, TWENTY minutes of straight running. I thought they were INSANE! I mean I JUST got to 8 minutes and now they want me to run TWENTY? I was tempted to go back to Week 5 Day 2, but I got my head out of the sand and figured they must know something I don't.

All I have to say is NEVER EVER underestimate your ability! Twenty minutes may seem like a lot, but I did it. The last 5 minutes were hard, because I knew that my running was coming to an end. I got in my zone, and made sure that if I felt thirsty I drank water. There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing something you never knew you could do!


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