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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To potty train or not to potty train...

That is now the question!

Chick 3 is almost 21 months. Not yet 2 years old.

I know some parents can't wait to potty train their children, and get rid of the expense and use of diapers.

I am not one of them. Chick 2 was 3 when I started the potty training process. It went extremely well and was potty trained in a couple days.

Then there is Chick 3. At almost 21 months she has learned a new catchphrase of, "I poo" in which she lifts up her shirt.

She has a 50/50 chance of being right with the whole poo in diaper thing.

Chick 2 never showed signs like this. At least non I was aware of.

I am so not ready to potty train, but what happens when they start to show the signs?

Do I rush out and get a potty and see what happens?

Do I just wait it out and see if this phase is short-termed and will come back at the age of 3?

I have a feeling I will end up waiting for a couple reasons:

  1. She is a camel and drinks her cups filled with "flavored water" one right after another.
  2. She leaks through her diapers, because of #1
  3. She wakes up with a heavy 1 ton diaper, also because of #1.

The verdict is still in limbo on this one.


Jennifer Fulks said...

Good Morning! :) I would love to say I am over this stage but my daughter and grandson live with me sooooo, I'll be going through this all over again! lol :) Ok, so this is how I found out how to add pages to your blog. Go in like you are going to add a new post, there are some links right above the posting area that say new post, edit post, edit PAGE!!! Who knew right! lol! Click there and it will allow you to add a new page. We can add up to ten. So it's that easy. I was so frustrated the other night trying to figure it out. I saw you have a few different blogs. I was about to do the same thing but I knew we could add pages because on of my friends blog is like that. Good luck with the potty training :) I never had to potty train my younger daughter, she saw her older sister and that was that, she wanted to be a big girl like her!

Jennifer Fulks said...

Grrrrr! So I just realized that although we can create a new page, we cannot post to the page like a seperate blog! Dang it! So it does no good to have the page unless I just make it a link to the other blog. Man I was really hoping I could post there too. Bummer. :(

Crazy Book Slut said...

every reason you listed to wait to potty training is why we are waiting to potty train M and he is 3. Not worth the battle