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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf who smokes

Smoking will rot your teeth, makes your voice sound horrible, ages you quickly, and oh yeah cause cancer.

This isn't news as much as known fact.

If your going to smoke your going to smoke and we all know the consequences.

I just think some need a lesson on smoking etiquette.

Why am I posting on this subject?

Let me tell you a story:

One warm and sunny day a group of kids are playing at a college stadium trying to beat the heat while a high school graduation is commencing.

These kids are laughing and running around. Innocence is rampant as they tag a shoulder and squeal with joyous laughter when they are caught as well.

The big bad wolf shows up, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He lights up and looks on.

Kids run by him running through the black smoke. Coughing ensues as another falls victim to the same black smoke.

Big bad wolf smokes on, inhaling as his lungs blacken a bit more.

Kids move over to fresh air. The laughter begins to envelope the area once more.

Big Bad Wolf finishes his cigarette and walks towards the entrance where his loved ones are sitting. He reaches the steps and flicks his butt to the ground with it almost hitting and innocent bystander.

Smoke fills the closed in area, because The Big Bad Wolf decides that putting it out on his shoe and going to the nearest trash receptacle is too much work.

A small chick's radar starts beeping. She is curious to what this burning piece of filter is. She reaches down and Momma Chick screams...

This little story is based on the events of today. There was no Big Bad Wolf, but there was this momma chick, Chick 3 and a rude smoker. This smoker flicked a burning cigarette butt to the ground as children were playing. Chick 3 saw and ran as fast as she could towards this new experience that I could have lived without.

If you smoke than smoke. It is a free world. What I do ask is please use common decency and follow a few rules of etiquette.

1. If children are around please go somewhere else to light up. If you can't find anywhere than please refrain at all costs. What is more important? Something that could kill you in the end, or a child's health?

2. If you find a safe place and a non smoker walks by please move cigarette behind you as to shield as much of the smoke as you can.

3. When you finish your cigarette please have the common decency to put the butt out using the sidewalk, but preferably your shoes as to not leave black marks visible. Please put said butt in a trash receptacle, or hold onto it until you find one. Your hand and clothes already smell. Isn't that better than adding to the litter that invades the streets?

I say please when I want or need something and I say thank you in return for something that has been done. I am using my manners and being respectful.

So to the smokers out there, Please do your best to practice smoking etiquette! Thank you!


A momma chick who feels kids' safety is more important than a nasty habit.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I totally agree. It doesn't sound like the smoker was thinking of anyone but himself.

Stopping from Mom Loop to follow.

Lindsay said...

Hi! Now following you, thanks to Mom Loop's FF. :)


Blommi said...

I can't believe he didn't even put it out, with little kids around.

Stopped in from MBC :)