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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Impressionable Words

You would think in our day and age that we as parents have learned what words can break our children.

I hear stories where parents will tell their children, "not to act stupid" or "how dumb can you be?"

Adults think of these as just words, however children take everything you say to heart. They will think they are stupid and dumb if the people they love most tell them they are. In my household the words stupid and dumb are just as bad as your common curse words.

I am reading a book called "Me and Emma" and the parents say the most horrible things to the main characters in this book. Last night I gave my girls a harder hug than usual.

Chick 2 is going through different body changes and one of them is hormones. One little moment can turn on the mother of all meltdowns. Last night was over her eating all her dinner. She lashed out with her words, so as punishment she was sent to her room. She came out and dropped a letter to the floor. What struck me most wasn't the "You are ruining my life", but the "Send me somewhere. You would be better off without me."

As a parent I look back and wonder, "Did I ever do or say anything that would make her think that?"

When she calmed down I made sure to tell her that we would NEVER be better off without her.

Parents have lots of power. Some don't realize this and some use this power for bad. We have the privilege to shape and mold our children any way we want, so why would you crack their fragile beings with words that harm their inner self?

Remember that there are 3 words no matter how often said that can heal all wounds. Those words are "I Love You".

1 comment:

Quirky Momma said...

Thanks for the reminder that our words are important to our kids! I needed to hear that! Too often I am short with them.