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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starting Over

A few months ago I started this most wonderful running interval program called the C25K.

C25K means "couch to 5k". It boasts it can get any couch potato to running a 5k in 9 weeks. I was thisclose to being that couch potato turned runner.

I was at the gym 3 days a week running on the treadmill. I got to running 25 minutes straight. Yep. Me. Running for 25 minutes.

A few weeks later I participated in Weight Watchers walk-it challenge (you got a cool charm if you did and who doesn't like positive rewards for hard work?).

I was the over zealous participant who thought since I was a "runner" I could run this thing no problem.

Man was I one over zealous Chick. I ran. Then walked. Then ran again. Then decided to stick with walking.

Didn't I say this C25K program worked?

I am not wrong. It does work! My problem? I was a treadmill runner. Not a pavement/outdoorsy runner.

Treadmills=set pace you work with. Forgiving support while you run.

Pavement= setting your own pace, not so forgiving support while you run.

My cure? Starting the program over. I hate starting things over. This is why I only read books once. That is why I usually give up on projects and then just start new ones.

That was the old me and I want to become the new me. This new me means I need to stop giving up.

I am determined to become a C25K graduate. I am determined to run a 5K sometime in 2010. I will get there!

If you are interested in the C25K program click the link above to learn more. I know many who are doing it and can't believe that their once sedentary selves are active and running!

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Miss. Candy said...

Go you!!! I just started this "project skinny" and have been trakcing my progress over on my page. It is something I started for me, to keep track of "me" and running is a big part of this. I hope that I can make a 5K by fall! Right now, that is not happening! lol!