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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me? Nag? Nope!

A couple weeks ago when I subbed I met another sub. He was very old school in his ways as a teacher and a husband. He grew up and married around the "barefoot and pregnant and tied to the kitchen" era.

I am not in any ways a feminist, but to me that to was the extreme. I like the man to do the manly chores and I will do the female chores. Really it is because I do it better. That is as domestic as I get.

Well this teacher and I got to talking about our lives. We got on to the topic of sports. I told him my hubby watches all sports. I also told him that I don't care for them, but I don't pester if Rooster wants to watch them. He told me that I was a good wife.

What he doesn't realize that we live in the day and age of the DVR. It is the best invention ever! *has dreamy look on her face* I mean this genius invented something to make your shows revolve around your schedule!

This invention means we have a PAUSE button for TV!! This is why I don't nag. If I ask him something I know he can pause. Oh this doesn't mean he doesn't try to ignore my endless barrage of questions, but at least we can live harmoniously once again.

And in my own way I have conditioned him to wait till we are all asleep to watch his sports. This way he doesn't have to pretend not to hear me, and I can still go on living without the title of "nagging wife".


Quirky Momma said...

haha... gotta love modernity!

The Activity Mom said...

oh by the way, stopping by from Mom Loop...your newest follower. =) Stop by when you have a chance:

The Activity Mom said...

ha ha so funny and true!