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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work and blogging? How?

Working and finding time for blogging?

How oh how do those who work and have kids do this?

I subbed for 6 days in a row (M-F and T) and after spending time with the chicks, catching up on housework, and spending more time with the chicks I was EXTREMELY exhausted and as soon as Chick 3 was asleep I followed suit and was in bed by 9pm.

Today is my first day off, and actually had time to even go on the computer to check my blogging account. Even had to dust off the computer screen so I could even see what I was looking at.

I am still trying to find a full time job, so hopefully this Chick will learn how to fit in blogging into my day.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I ask myself the same thing all the time all the time! It is a time commitment. I don't get how people can post every day and balance a job and kids.